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Kaolin, Earth Spirit - DotA Strategy Guide

Kaolin, Earth Spirit - DotA Strategy Guide

DotA Earth Spirit Guide
Kaolin, Earth Spirit is a Sentinel strength hero added in v6.78 patch update. Earth Spirit  is a unique concept semi-carry/support hero based entirely on precision skills (Meat Hook, Elune's arrow etc.).
Earth Panda relies on Stones (innate skill) to make use of his other spells. He can smash stones/units with his 1st spell to damage and silence the opponents. His second spell turns him into a rolling boulder (like Tuskarr's Snowball) which helps in chasing/ganking heroes, it also deals a little damage and slow. The 3rd skill, Geomagnetic grip allows him to pull allied units and rocks to him, whoever crashes the pulled unit receives stun/damage. His ultimate provides a good DPS damage which can be renewed by putting Stones in  its Area of Effect (AoE).

Basic stats

Movespeed: 305
Starting Armor: 4
Primary attribute: Strength
Sight Range: 1800 / 800
Affiliation: Sentinel

Earth Spirit Guide


1. Innate: Stone Caller (Innate, Level 0, Target Point) - Hotkey: E
Earth Spirit 1st Ability, Stone Caller

Kaolin raises a stone from the depths of the earth to aid him in battle. Creating a rock consumes a Stone Charge, and charges replenish at a rate of 1 per 25 seconds. The rocks last up to 2 minutes with a max 6 rocks active at a time. Rocks provide no vision.

Note: This hero has an Innate ability that doesn't do anything on its own but is used by his other abilities.

Tip: This skill has great cast range, you can even cast it at places where you can't see (Fog). This skill uses 0 mana and will replenish every 25 second so keep spamming this skill everywhere!!!

2. Boulder Smash (Target ally, enemy or rock. Melee range) - Hotkey: D
Earth Spirit 2nd spell, Boulder Smasher

Kaolin slams an ally, enemy, or Rock with his mighty stone, knocking them away from him, and damaging enemies the slammed target collides with. Slammed Rocks travel farther than fleshy targets and also silence impacted enemies.

Tip: This skill can silence if you smash a rock. It can pass trees. You can also push enemy away when your teammate is fleeing. SAVE Him!. This can be use as combo with BloodSeeker's Rupture, same as force staff but with damage.
3. Rolling Boulder (Short Channel, Target Direction) - Hotkey: F
Earth Spirit 3rd Spell, Rolling Boulder

Kaolin turns into a boulder and begins spinning in place to build up momentum. After 0.6 seconds, he launches himself 800 distance in the direction he is facing, damaging units he passes through but stopping if he collides with an enemy hero or is stunned. Rolling over a Rock will add momentum, increasing roll distance, speed, damage, and adding a slow to the hero you collide with.

Note: This skill will always go the full distance, you cannot choose a shorter distance. It stops on the opposite side of the first hero it impacts. The Rock is consumed when used as a boost forrolling.

Tip: Since your innate has 1400 range, you can cast innate far and keep rolling to your rock. This skill has low cooldown, it can be used as escape mechanism. Rolling over rock make it impossible for your enemy to catch. You can also use this to catch fleeing opponent.
4. Geomagnetic Grip (Target Ally or Rock) - Hotkey: R
Earth Spirit 3rd Spell, Magnetic Grip

Kaolin runs a magnetic charge through the targeted ally or rock, quickly pulling them to him. Enemiesstruck by the target being pulled will be stunned, and will also be dealt damage if the pulled target is a Rock.

Tip: Good for pulling your ally and saving his life.
5. Magnetize (Active, No Target) - Hotkey: T
Earth Spirit Ultimate spell, Magnetize

Magnetizes units in a small nearby area, causing them to take damage over time for a short duration. Any magnetized heroes cause nearby rocks to become energized and explode,applying/refreshing the magnetize debuff on all units near the rock. This process can repeat multiple times. Rocks are destroyed in this process.

Magnetized heroes feel the effect of the Silence and Slow from Rock enhanced Boulder Smash andRolling Boulder if one Magnetized hero is affected by them.

Note: When a Rock is in an AoE of Magnetize, it doesn't immediately disappear, it becomes innert and then disappears after 5 seconds (can still be used by your other spells in the meantime)

Tip: Cast this with rock nearby or else this skill is like completely useless. Use this wisely, it can affect many heroes at once.

This guide is still in beta, You are free to post your item builds, strategies and tips using the comment section below!

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